05/04 2022

Finding solutions to the business recovery after the Covid crisis with IABM

Positioned as a pioneer in providing short-term training courses in the fields of Finance – Accounting and Corporate Governance for the Vietnamese human market for nearly two decades, the Institute of Accounting and Business Management (IABM) not only provides specialized courses for students but also regularly organizes events and seminars to support and accompany businesses in the development process. The webinar with the theme “Rebirth of a business – Challenges for Leaders after the Covid Crisis” is one of the useful programs organized by IABM to contribute to solving the difficulties of managers after the Covid -19.

The seminar “Rebirth of a business – Challenges for Leaders after the Covid Crisis” was organized by IABM in an online form on Sunday, April 3rd, 2022. The speakers attending the program are leading domestic and international corporate finance experts such as: Dr. Doan Hong Khanh – Strategic Analyst, Financial Planning, Corporate Restructuring Consultant, Ms. Kel Norman – Director of Building Coffee, Lecturer at City University of Seattle and Mr. Alvin Koh – CEO and Founder LOOP Smart Retail. With valuable practical experiences accumulated during the process of founding and operating their own businesses, at the event, the speakers shared with attendees who are business managers on how to do business regeneration after a challenging crisis period.

The seminar is a place for entrepreneurs to share about the difficulties and obstacles brought by Covid and also an opportunity to listen to comments and analyses from speakers with real combat experience. Not only were experts advised on practical solutions to overcome the post-Covid crisis, but the entrepreneurs also learned valuable lessons from the speakers’ stories.

In an effort to accompany and bring businesses useful sharing as well as valuable lessons learned in the post-Covid recovery period in particular and in the overall operation of all businesses, in the future IABM will continue to organize many events and seminars with diverse topics to create opportunities for students to interact with elites in the fields of economics and management, thereby raising their knowledge and create cohesion among managers.

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