20/11 2022

Eagles gave love to their dearest teachers on Vietnamese Teacher’s Day

November is always the most special month of the year, which is a time for students to express their appreciation for the talented “captains” — the teachers who have always stood by their side for navigating the vast ocean of knowledge and conquered new horizons.

In the celebration of Teacher’s Day, the PennSchool community joined in a number of heartfelt activities with the theme “My Dearest Teacher.” In addition to thematic activities, the Eagles also had the opportunity to give teachers meaningful gifts they had made themselves. This included cards with heartfelt messages, flower bouquets, and, most notably, exciting music performances featuring songs about teachers and school.

Activities for Vietnamese Teacher’s Day are also an opportunity for the PennSchool community to spread the traditional value of “respecting teachers”, one of the important core values that PennSchool strives for.

Teachers are not only educators, they are also companions on the growth and developmental journeys of their students. They listen patiently and share their joys and experiences with their students, tolerate the mistakes they make, and share lessons learned to help them become well rounded people.

Not only on Teacher’s Day, but every student wishes the teachers good health and the ability to guide and witness the development of future  generations of students.



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