10/06 2023

Beneficial experiences at the workshop “Teen Taste Lab: Exploring Nutritious Delights”

Students aged 13 to 18 had the opportunity to join TDA and AmCollege – members of RT Holdings – in the Workshop on Exploring the Culinary World with the theme “Teen Taste Lab: Exploring Nutritious Delights” through experience classes in Cuisine, Baking, and Bartending making nutritious foods and drinks.

Students had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with tools, learn how to process ingredients, and make their own delicious and nutritious Basil Zucchini Rolls-Up, Healthy Apple Pie, and Healthy Life drinks with the enthusiastic, friendly, and close teachers who are experts in the field of F&B.

The activities at the event not only provide students with enjoyable and useful practical experience but also let them practice cooking, baking, and bartending skills.

In addition to student activities, parents who attended the event were able to participate in the Talkshow “Nutrition Suitable for Children Aged 13 to 18 Years” with two speakers, Mr. Le Nguyen Bao – Dean of the Modern Vegetarian Culinary Arts Faculty at AmCollege, and Mr. Cao Bao Nguyen – Dean of the Bartending Faculty at AmCollege – to learn about proper nutrition to help teenagers develop comprehensive physical fitness.

Through this event, Parents and students had great experiences and gained a lot of useful information about nutrition.The Culinary Camp for Teens will commence on June 12th, 2023, and will offer discounts of up to 2,500,000 VND. Parents can register their children for the culinary camp at https://culinarycamp. tdacademy.edu.vn/2E9prhR4.   

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