09/03 2023

Arousing Passion with a Series of Events in the Fields of Bartending, Baking and Culinary Arts

Accompanying young people on their journey to find their passion and create a career, American College of Vietnam (AmCollege) has organized many useful events this March with the goal of providing opportunities to learn knowledge and practice in the fields of preparation, food processing, and baking for all subjects in Ho Chi Minh City.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8th, AmCollege cooperated with WASS and PennSchool to organize The extracurricular baking class “Family Baking Class: Let’s Bake Together! ” for parents and students of the two schools on February 25th and March 4th. With the guidance of Ms. Chung Ngoc Thao, parents and students who love baking were instructed to bake Biscotti seeds (original, green tea) and oat biscuits. In addition, each student was able to pack their own delicious cakes, write loving messages on the beautiful card, and send them to their beloved woman.

On March 11th, the nutritional workshop “Change the Mindset of Modern Vegan Cuisine” was successfully held with the guidance of Vegan Chef Le Nguyen Bao and the enthusiastic response of the attendees. The program has brought you a lot of useful knowledge about modern vegetarian cuisine, scientific vegetarian methods, and the practical preparation of fruit salad and stir-fried mushrooms with basil leaves (Pad Kra Pao). During the learning process, students were instructed on how to cook vegetarian dishes so that they are both delicious and nutritious.

The Bar Talk #2, “Secrets of a Successful Beverage Business,” held on March 18th, helped young people address their concerns about starting a business with a bar and coffee shop model and provided useful information about the brewing industry. With the participation of the instructors, who are experienced AmCollege experts – Mr. Cao Bao Nguyen and Mr. Tran Le Tuan Anh – the program has successfully inspired and motivated the attendees who are pursuing a bartending career as well as those who are planning a beverage business.

With the help of top experts, modern facilities, and careful planning of tools and materials, AmCollege is confident that this series of hands-on, knowledge-sharing events has given many attendees unforgettable experiences. At the same time, AmCollege hopes to bring valuable lessons and experiences to the journey of orientation and career building for young Vietnamese people.

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