02/01 2022

American College of Vietnam (AmCollege) and Indochina Study Abroad (ISA) officially changed their brand identity

Following the announcement of a new business strategy on the EaaS (Education-as-a-Service) business model and a plan to expand education investment to the international market in 2022 at IEDG Strategy Day on November 19th, IEDG is continuing to accelerate reform campaigns and making major changes to its membership. Specifically, two members in the post-secondary training group, the American College of Vietnam (AmCollege) and Indochina Study Abroad (ISA) have recently officially changed their brand identity and announced several new breakthrough development directions.

The former Indochina College, with its short-term and university-affiliated training programs focusing mainly in the fields of Preschool & Primary Education, Educational Management, Nursing, etc. the American College of Vietnam (AmCollege) not only “changed outfit” with the alteration of the school’s name and brand identity, but also added the expected enrollment plan of 2022 alongside new numerous dynamic attractive professions, meeting the current recruitment needs of the market, such as Multimedia, Computer and Information Technology, Engineering, Art, Business Administration, and many more.

Along with the upgraded pathway from Intermediate Education to College, AmCollege also builds study abroad routes in association with Colleges and Universities in the US to open up opportunities to experience advanced American education for students, thereby achieving the goal of becoming a leading international quality vocational college in Vietnam.

AmCollege’s new logo includes the image of a mighty eagle symbolizing America, the image of a book representing wisdom and education, and a laurel wreath representing victory, glory, and great ambition as well. This is the message for AmCollege’s mission: “Together with students, creating the future to confidently integrate globally.”

Along with the group of post-secondary educational institutes of IEDG, ISA is the new name of ICSA (Indochina International Center For Study Abroad). Accordingly, Indochina Study Abroad aims to become the leading international study abroad consulting center in Vietnam and a solid bridge to bring the young generation to new horizons to enjoy the benefits of studying abroad in the world’s leading elite educational institutions in Australia, Canada, the US, UK, Germany, etc. It is known as an institution that provides many excellent vocational studies abroad routes in the form of “dual” training while studying and/or working to help increase income, reduce the burden of tuition fees, and open up opportunities for students to immigrate to Germany.  In 2022, ISA will expand cooperation with training units that are the top universities of Germany. Australia, Canada, USA, UK, and other countries to open up more diverse study abroad options for Vietnamese students.

Furthermore, in addition to the strategy of expanding the network of partners and study abroad programs, ISA also changed the old brand identity that has been attached for more than half a decade with a new logo with an image of an arc symbolizing the big world and the plane with the launchpad from ISA to send this message: “ISA will be the door to open the opportunity to study abroad and contribute to realizing the dream of reaching global citizenship of students.”

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