01/06 2023

AmCollege kicks off the summer with a series of exciting events and specialized workshops

AmCollege greatly emphasizes enhancing knowledge, specialized skills, creativity, and inspiring young Vietnamese individuals through its engaging and in-depth short-term training programs. In addition to providing high-quality training programs, AmCollege also organizes specialized workshops and a series of practical events in the fields of bartending and culinary arts, aiming to offer a clearer understanding of the profession students pursue. This, in turn, enables them to make informed decisions for their future career development.

On April 3rd, 2023, as part of the Bartending course, the Flair Bartending workshop was successfully held with the enthusiastic participation of the students. Guided by Mr. Nguyen Huu Loc, a former student of AmCollege with 7 years of experience in bartending, the learners were instructed to perform basic flair moves and shaker tricks. It is known that executing these techniques in an impressive and decisive manner requires students to practice diligently, maintain a high level of focus, master their performance space, and have a great passion for the profession.

On April 15th and April 22nd, 2023, AmCollege organized two practical events in the field of beverage preparation: the barista workshop “Touch” Coffee from All Senses” and the cocktail bartending workshop “The Allure of Florida Summer.” Through these hands-on experiences, participants were able to discover their passion for the beverage industry, understand the classroom model at AmCollege, and get an overview of the profession before deciding to pursue it. Additionally, these events served as an ideal platform for beverage experts to meet, network, and interact with like-minded individuals who share the same passion.

On May 13th and May 22nd, 2023, AmCollege continued its series of practical events with the bubble tea bartending workshop “Secrets to Creating Irresistible Beverages” and the nutrition workshop “Embracing Modern Vegetarian Trends.” Through these programs, AmCollege engaged with numerous young individuals who had the desire to enhance their knowledge and improve their specialized skills in the fields of beverage preparation and culinary arts. Additionally, these events provided an opportunity for AmCollege to accelerate its development and enhance its brand recognition in the Vietnamese education market.

The passion of young individuals serves as the driving force for AmCollege to continuously improve the quality of education, invest in facilities, and build a team of experienced instructors to provide the best learning experiences for students. It is certain that in the future, AmCollege will continue to achieve accomplishments and make positive contributions to the career development of Vietnamese youth, as well as significantly contribute to the continuous growth of RT Holdings.

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