30/10 2022

All campuses were covered by mysterious colors on Halloween Day

Halloween is a widely celebrated festival in western nations. Since its arrival in Vietnam, the celebration has exploded in popularity, partly due to its enigmatic origin and meaning. In addition to a fun atmosphere, Halloween provides students with the opportunity to learn more about Western cultures, expanding their knowledge.

On October 31st, WASS and PennSchool students had the opportunity to celebrate Halloween through a variety of exciting activities. The campuses were filled with creative characters such as witches, ninjas, pokemon, superheroes and a number of other unique magical creatures. The WASSers and Eagles used the familiar phrase, “Trick or Treat”, to ask for candy from all the teachers and staff of the school, creating a joyful and exciting atmosphere. The whole school erupted in competitive spirit, with the invention of the novel “Mummy Race”.

At the event, students were able to promote their creativity and grow closer together. Additionally, this was an opportunity for students to learn about important cultural features of Western countries while making wonderful memories at WASS and PennSchool.

With the spirit of integrating into the global culture of international schools, the teachers and staff, working at all campuses, responded enthusiastically to the online photo contest “IG Halloween Contest”. The contest received participation from members from all departments of Indochina Group, including the Board of Directors & Management.

The day’s events provided a positive learning environment, ignited creativity and presented an opportunity for each individual to shine. The contest also served to build and spread solidarity and cherished memories among the members of the group. It is clear that the enthusiastic response to this event among IG members has further spread the positive work culture and spirit of Indochina Group.


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