03/11 2022

A day full of blue, WASS and PennSchool celebrate International Peace Day in a splendid fashion

The International Peace Day is celebrated annually on September 21st to call on organizations and individuals to work together to reduce conflict in all spheres of life. WASS and PennSchool hope that the immersive activities on this day will foster a love of peace and motivate students to demonstrate that love through tangible deeds.

Through the themes “Spread Love for Peace” at WASS and “Build up Love, we gain Peace” at PennSchool, the students showed their love and sympathy for the people around them through activities such as performing peace songs, folding paper cranes, composing poems, etc. Students also shared the wonderful things they had accomplished in the past year, and gave praise to their friends to build lasting connections. This all resulted in widespread positive sentiments. 


To add to the festivities, Indochina Group donated 10,000 VND to the community fund for each student, teacher, and member of staff who wore blue to the WASS and PennSchool campuses. The blue hue of faith and hope that encompassed each campus expressed the Group’s profound desires for a peaceful and happy Earth.

Peace is the “destination” of a long journey that requires cooperation from everyone in the world. Contributions from even the smallest individuals will help us reach the summit of this climb together. Through the International Peace Day activities, Indochina Group hopes that students will develop a sense of duty to act on global issues. These are some of the core values that WASS and PennSchool, and indeed all members under Indochina Group, always aim for.

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