01/12 2023

Explore a Series of Unique Spirit Days Activities at WASS, PennSchool, and SISS

Every month, School Systems within Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) Brands organize Spirit Days, an inspirational event designed to motivate students to demonstrate their creativity and passion while fostering a sense of community, camaraderie, and multicultural integration. Every series of Spirit Days has a unique theme and a ton of exciting activities, such as sports, doing chores, dressing up, and more.

Dressing up as favorite characters and wearing special costumes to school makes the learning atmosphere more fun for students and demonstrates the spirit of “study hard, play hard.” At the same time, through thematic activities, tasks, and small games, all barriers between students and teachers are eliminated, contributing to building a healthy and sustainable school community.

Let’s take a tour around the Schools to discover the unique festivals held last November!

  • At WASS: Students responded to the colorful and humorous festival under the theme “It’s Toon Time!” The event at WASS campuses created an exciting environment with the appearance of Spider-Man, Queen Elsa, Mickey Mouse, and many more charming characters. Apart from dressing up as their favorite cartoon and comic book characters, students also engage in the “Guess the Movie Titles” game in order to test their memory and thinking skills. Also in November, WASSers continued to participate in the fun-filled Pyjama Day. Wearing their cute and colorful pyjamas, WASSers have turned the School into their second home, where they can relax and be comfortable while studying and attending school. Through this event, WASS hopes to create more memorable memories, thereby connecting each member of the Western Australian community and building a School that fosters solidarity, affection, and love.
  • At PennSchool: The morning class of #HomeOfTheEagles on One Health Day began enthusiastically with questions and answers related to health topics. The students discussed daily activities that help improve physical and mental health, unhealthy habits, and awareness of self-responsibility. After responses about the benefits of exercise, the class became “hotter” when #HomeOfTheEagles started exercising with vibrant K-Pop music.
  • At SISS: In response to World Kindness Day held on November 13, 2023, Jaguars together wore purple shirts and took part in a number of small but equally important and meaningful activities. The Jaguars worked together to make “kindness flowers” and “kindness albums” to convey meaningful messages and stories about their own kindness or stories that they have heard and seen. Each story is a special piece of the puzzle that contributes to creating a colorful picture of a better world.
    Next, in the spirit of fostering solidarity and empowering students to demonstrate diversity in their personal identity and sense of community, SISS organized “Favorite Colors Week” from November 27 to December 01. Every day at School, students will wear yellow, blue, pink, green, and purple clothing. The Color Week not only creates a positive atmosphere at School but also promotes mutual understanding and respect among SISS members..

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