30/08 2022

WASSers earned success in the National Round of the Robotacon Competition 2022

On August 21st, 2022, we were humbled to witness the triumph of 28 of WASSers in the National Round of the Robotacon Competition 2022 at the Maple Leaf Arena of CIS. The students earned numerous notable achievements. This competition is held annually for students from the age of 8 to under 20 who share great interest in STEAM Robot.

Robotacon Competition 2022 offers a plentiful of opportunities for students to freely and independently research and showcase their unbounded innovative minds in the field of Science, Technology and IT and apply that very understanding to solve day-to-day practice problems.

Competing with talents across the country, our WASSers successfully found themselves overcoming challenging ordeals littered throughout the competition and brought achievements home. Nonetheless, WASSers have brought upon their names:

  • 01 Consolation Prize in Group B1

Tsần Tường Phúc – BWA 4I

Nguyễn Khả My – BWA 5G

  • 01 Consolation Prize in Group B3

Võ Hoàng Gia Bảo – BWA 10C

Phạm Quốc Đạt – BWA 10C

The competition is of an exceptional gravitation as only best performing teams will earn the chance to proceed to represent Vietnam in the next Round of the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) that is held in November in Dortmund, Germany. On top of that, the greatest prize that our students would ever receive was the invaluable experience during the competition. WASS teachers also played an important role in our student’s successes. No one else but them who impart knowledge, encourage the students explore the new things, apply knowledge in order to help them perfect their products, be confident to perform their skill and spirit in the competition.

We, here at WASS, stand with teachers and alongside our students in their effort to strive for even greater achievements in both teaching and learning aspects learning aspects, helping the students unbind their passion, be more creative and explore more exciting knowledge.

With the student-centered teaching method, WASS has been tirelessly pursuing well-rounded development in both knowledge and skills for our students, so that we can truly transform them into the next generations of global citizens in pursuit of their dreams in any country in the world.



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