17/02 2022

WASS and PennSchool implement activities to ensure the safety of students returning to school after the Lunar New Year

With the goal of ensuring maximum safety for students at all levels in the process of returning to concentrated schools immediately after the 2022 Lunar New Year, right before Tet, the Board of Directors of WASS and PennSchool international schools under IEDG have made detailed plans and implementing Covid-19 prevention and control activities at all facilities of the Group.

Specifically, the School Boards have established departments, anti-epidemic, and ensure student safety with the participation of representatives of all departments: Teacher, Superintendent, Nanny, Kitchen Manager, School Operator,… Not only seriously carry out regular school cleaning and disinfecting sprays, the epidemic prevention, and control committee also conducts propaganda activities, guide and monitor the implementation process on a regular basis.

This is also a testament to the operating principles of IEDG in general and the WASS group of international schools, PennSchool in particular: always wishes to ensure the physical safety and health of our dear students in addition to equipping them with knowledge and perfecting their intellect.

Some images at the campuses of WASS and PennSchool

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