06/04 2023

Vietnam – UK Cultural Confluence: A Festive Gathering

Continuing the “Vietnam-UK Cultural Confluence: A Festive Gathering”, in the afternoon of April 3th and April 4th, the PennSchool students and the Abbeygate Sixth Form College students participated in the Cultural festival.
In this festival, all students of both schools participated in diverse cultural activities, enjoyed traditional Vietnamese foods, and participated in traditional games such as throwing the cotton ball game, hitting a can, making toy figurines, and folding coconut leaves. These experiences may have been familiar to the HomeOfTheEagles, but they would be new for the students of Abbeygate Sixth Form College.
The music festival was the highlight of the event. Besides the performances prepared by #HomeOfTheEagles as gifts for the British students, the Abbeygate Sixth Form College students also gave some impressive performances for #HomeOfTheEagles to thank them for the hospitality of the PennSchool community.
Not only the PennSchool community but also the British students together spread positive meaning and charity for the “Light Up The Future” Fund. The funds raised from this event will be used for four community service projects that PennSchool is implementing, including “Knowledge for the Highlands’ Students”, “Updating Digital Technology to Students in the Highlands”, “Accompanying with the next generation to gain knowledge”, and the “Bridge of Love” to help students at schools with many difficulties in Na Co Sa Commune, Nam Po District, Dien Bien Province.
At the end of the event, the PennSchool community also sent souvenir gifts and warm hugs to the students of Abbeygate Sixth Form College as a farewell, but it was also the beginning of a cross-national friendship.
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