26/08 2023

Opening a community house for students in Na Co Sa Commune, Nam Po District, Dien Bien Province

With the collaboration of “PennSchool – Light Up the Future” and “WASS – Empower the Next Generation”, the “Knowledge for the Highland Students” project, along with the construction of multi-purpose rooms and dormitories, has reached its final stages of completion, bringing joy and excitement to the students of Na Co Sa Secondary School.

The Inauguration Ceremony of this special event in mid-July also marked the return of the students to school to begin their learning journey and participate in summer activities before the official start of the new school year.

Na Co Sa Secondary School, located in Na Co Sa Commune, Nam Po District, Dien Bien Province, currently enrolls nearly 600 students. Most of these students come from distant areas and require boarding facilities. However, the school’s previous facilities could only accommodate 2/3 of the students. The completion of multi-functional rooms and dormitories will help improve the living and learning conditions for these students.

The radiant smiles on the children’s faces are the most vivid evidence of the success that the project has brought. RT Holdings cannot forget the challenges we faced while planning, conducting surveys, fundraising together, and building the Community Activity House until it was joyfully inaugurated. Each brick, each table, or each bowl of food contains the love, empathy, and hope of the RT Holdings community to improve the learning environment, nurture dreams, and provide a solid and promising future for the children.

RT Holdings, WASS and  PennSchool will continue to update further images of the remaining projects in the near future.

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