14/12 2021

Together with WASS and PennSchool “Light up the hearts” with a meaningful online charity night

With the desire to bring a joyful and meaningful activity to help connect students during the Christmas season, and at the same time raise charity funds to help and share with children in difficult circumstances due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic; This December, WASS and PennSchool organized an unprecedented virtual reality music event for the first time. It was the Virtual Music Concert with the theme “Light up the hearts”.

The event takes place from 15:00 to 19:30 on December 20th on the online platform. Coming to the music night, the children of WASS and PennSchool will experience the bustling atmosphere but equally close and cozy. The program consists of a series of interesting activities in succession, taking students from one surprise to another.️

  • The series of DIY (Do-it-yourself) classes are taught and guided by the students themselves, revolving around areas such as baking, handmade crafts, decorating cards and exploring the full robotics subject. interesting…
  • ️3D Art Gallery opens up the opportunity to experience unique 3D Art.
  • ️Charity fair (e-shop) with countless exquisite handmade items thanks to the skillful hands of WASSers and students from “House of Eagles”.

In particular, for the first time, a spectacular school music program combined with virtual reality technology will officially take place with special musical performances by students from WASS and PennSchool. With more than 20 performances including singing, ballet and modern dance, the program promises to bring impressive and extremely satisfying entertainment moments. Each performance is carefully practiced by teachers and students, sending the best messages and hopes for a peaceful Christmas.

More meaningfully, the entire proceeds corresponding to the number of tickets sold, along with the sales in the charity fair, will be summed up by the school and contributed to the school’s charity fund with the desire to bring more meaningful charity activities, spreading warm light and lighting up faith in the future for children in difficult circumstances due to the influence of Covid, warming the city after a while long spacing.

IEDGers! Let’s join WASS and Penn to “Light up hearts” on December 20th.

Get the tickets at: WASS & PennSchool

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