01/03 2022

TDA announces enrollment for Summer Camp Talent Summer Camp 2022

“Together with TDA to cultivate your children’s talent
Happy and safe summer – Learn a thousand new things”

Summer Camp 2022 is a Talent Summer Camp program for students aged 6 – 17 of Talent Development Academy (TDA) – a member of IEDG. TDA’s Talent Summer Camp is the ideal choice for students to have the opportunity to discover new experiences on their journey of finding their passions, identifying their talents and perfecting their talents.

From the stable platform that TDA equips through specially designed courses to help children express and practice their talents, they will find hidden inclinations and talents to have a suitable learning orientation. together on the way to conquer knowledge and pursue passion in the future.

After a tumultuous year due to Covid-19 with continuous blockade and distance orders, the children had to face a cramped and secret space for a long time, entertainment and learning activities is significantly limited. Let’s TDA bring to the children an exciting, rewarding and meaningful 2022 summer with the Summer Camp 2022 Talented Summer Camp!

Admissions & Courses of Summer Camp 2022

Children from 6 – 12 years old

  • Digital Tech Course

The Digital Tech course is an opportunity for children to “foreground” in the field of digital technology through age-appropriate knowledge and practical exercises, thereby making significant progress after 6 weeks of study:

    • Master the basics of how to use Lego, Drag and Drop programming, apply AI, and understand how to create a specific AI application
    • Know how to apply math knowledge when doing coding exercises or building models
    • Assembling and programming some simple movements for the Robot


    • 43 Nguyen Thong, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
    • 10 Ba Thang Hai, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Space Science course

Space and space science is not far away but is now fully in your hands through the interesting knowledge and practical exercises of the Space Science course. After 6 weeks, they will reap significant “sweet fruits” such as:

    • Basic understanding of space science
    • Having knowledge of the Earth, distinguishing the characteristics of celestial bodies in space and understanding space exploration technologies
    • Creating basic celestial models
    • Manually create models of the moon, sun, planets, … based on the knowledge you have learned

Location: 10 Ba Thang Hai, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Arts course

Along with the Arts course, students will explore the field of arts and sports with the most popular and prominent arts – sports today. This is a golden opportunity for children with sports and musical talents to be more confident and steady on the journey of talent expression and development. After 6 weeks of learning, children can:

    • Mastering the fundamentals of exciting arts and sports
    • Perfecting the necessary skills in subjects such as Dance, Ballet, Golf, Football, Arts & Crafts, Ceramics,…
    • Capable of confidently performing individual and collective performances on stage at various scales

Location: 43 Nguyen Thong, Vo Thi Sau Ward, Quận 3, TP.HCM

Children and adolescents from 13 to 17 years old

  • Business & Start-up course

The Business & Start-up course is the key for students aged 13 – 17 to gain a vivid understanding of business and business operations, thereby shaping themselves in a role “businessman” if they have a passion for this job and has solid basic steps to be ready to start a business in the not too distant future. After 6 weeks of study, students will:

    • Mastering the basic knowledge to start a startup project step by step
    • Mastering basic marketing knowledge and customer needs in business
    • Mastering presentation skills, presentation, how to use professional voice
    • Proficient in basic knowledge and know how to find, analyze and use financial information

Location: 157 Ly Chinh Thang, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Computer Science & Coding course

The Computer Science & Coding course will help students with a passion for Computer Science and Programming to build a solid foundation of basic knowledge in this field, thereby forming the best basis for orientation. career for the future if you intend to become an expert in computer science or programming. After 6 weeks of study, students will:

  • Mastering the basics of programming using Python and PyGame
  • Designing your own complete website
  • Understanding the basic principles of AI and know how to apply it to create a simple AI training model
  • Completing Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing applications

Location: 84 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Estimated opening date: June 13th, 2022

Tuition: 18.650.000 VND/course


  • Register before March 22nd, 2022: 15% off
    Register before April 22nd: 10% off
    Register before May 10th: 5% off

Billing Information:

  • Account number VND: 1026299909
  • Bank: Vietcombank – CN Ky Dong
  • Register to attend the Summer Camp Talent Summer Camp 2022

Online register: https://summercamp.tdacademy.edu.vn/

Direct register:

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