28/12 2022

[PennSchool] Spread the love with Snowdrop Community Service Project

Recently, a community project called Snowdrop of ADP 11 students has given a meaningful gift to disabled children at Thien Phuoc Charity.

As one of the founders of Snowdrop, Nguyen Van Minh, ADP 11 shared the meaning of the project’s name as well as the activities that they plan and perform through this.

“Snowdrop, also known as snowflake, is a flower blooming at the end of winter, to signal that spring is coming. It is the symbol of vitality this flower can grow in the cold winter and wait for spring.

Based on íts meaning, we would like to establish the Snowdrop project to help difficult people in society. We also plan to have volunteer trips to visit and support them. To make it, smaller projects will be performed to raise money or collect books and clothes from benefactors who are students in our school and others. I think this kindness will never be wasted.”

Snowdrop gives students a chance to spread positive spirits to everyone.

“Snowdrop is a volunteer project and its mission is to bring joy and hope to difficult people around Vietnam. It aims to spread the spirit of mutual affection to each student as well as the PennSchool community. Besides, the project also demonstrates the compassion of young generations.

Through each journey, we expect to see smiles on the face of everyone who we have an opportunity to meet and support. Each trip is a valuable experience, helping us learn from life lessons and be more grateful for what we have right now.” – Nguyen Van Minh, class ADP 11.

And in the last week, the students have had a trip to send a warm gift to disabled children at Thien Phuoc Charity, in Cu Chi District. It is currently taking care of about 100 orphans and disabled children.

The trip brought different emotions to all participants because they listened to the establishment of this Charity and the circumstances of children living there. The meaning of this project will motivate them to continue to help those who are in misfortune in the future.

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