24/04 2022

Indochina Group signs MoU with Swinburne Vietnam

On its journey of further increasing the value of the top educational brand, Indochina Group has been consistently fostering strategic cooperation relationships with a number of reputable partners. In light of this, the Indochina Group signed its most recent cooperation agreement with Swinburne Vietnam in April 2022.

This cooperation relationship was built with the goal of providing WASS and PennSchool High School students access to international standard higher education and sought-after scholarship programs. Specifically, 12th-grade students of WASS and PENN will be able to enter the Swinburne Vietnam entrance exam if they obtain a GPA score of 7.0 or higher in the first semester, the school year 2021-2022.

Also under the cooperation agreement, the group’s top students will have the opportunity to receive Swinburne Vietnam scholarships, including:

  • 02 scholarships worth 40% of tuition fees for any bachelor’s degree.
  • 06 scholarships worth 30% of tuition fees for any bachelor’s degree.

In addition, the two parties have also agreed on communication support methods to ensure that all relevant information is promptly updated to parents, students, and staff on both sides.

The partnership with Swinburne Vietnam, which is a member of the Swinburne University of Technology, based in Melbourne, Australia, will help Indochina Group bolster its pioneer stature in education, and energize its students.

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