01/11 2021

Indochina Education and Development Group – Largest Vietnamese education investor in Pennsylvania

Indochina Education and Development Group (IEDG), formerly known as the Institute of Accounting and Business Management, was founded in 2003 with the goal of becoming one of the leading international education groups in Vietnam. IEDG and its subsidiaries are now one of the high quality and the most prestigious education groups in Vietnam and they are on the way to expanding their educational investment activities in international markets such as Singapore, the USA, Australia, Germany.

This vision became international with a German campus for language training. Currently, the members and campuses include the Institute of Accounting and Business Management (IABM), American Polytechnic College of Vietnam (AmCollege), The Western Australian International School System (WASS) (Primary and High School), South Western Australian English Centre, Western Australian Kindergarten, Talent Development Academy (TDA), Indochina International Centre for Study Abroad, Vietnamese-German Centre for Language Training and Human Resource, American International School of Pennsylvania (PennSchool).

Recently, IEDG has acquired a significant stake in Learning Materials Joint Stock Company, under the Vietnam Education Publishing House Limited Company of the Ministry of Education and Training. This collaboration has contributed to enhance the position of IEDG in the connection role between Vietnam and the world education.

These training programs are aimed at both domestic and international students who wish to explore their potential careers and pursue alternative avenues of employment, without the normal length of time and associated cost to build a steady foundation, for future career requirements by traditional four-year post-secondary programs. Qualified international graduates will have a chance to be sponsored by interested companies for employment in the United States after graduation.

In 2018 IEDG ventured into the United States market with the formation of the American Education & Development Group (AEDG). AEDG is currently in the process of developing and opening multiple schools at the location of its American headquarters in Greenville, Pennsylvania.

Throughout these activities, IEDG has become the first Vietnamese education investor in Pennsylvania (U.S) with a multimillion-dollar budget for property renovations and development. This includes a restaurant, Joe & Company Café & Restaurant, that will be part of a culinary arts training program through the American Culinary Science Institute. This is one of our plans to revitalize the city and local region by forming the center of an international education hub of high quality, which will support a variety of learning needs.

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