12/07 2023

Impressive AP (Advanced Placement) results from WASS and PennSchool

In the second academic year of implementing the Advanced Placement (AP) program for students in grades 11-12  at WASS, students in grades 10-12 at PennSchool , a large number of students have enthusiastically participated in studying and honing their skills, and they have now achieved well-deserved successes.

CONGRATULATIONS to WASS students who achieved impressive scores on the last AP exam:

– Ly Hai Minh got 4/5 AP Biology, 3/5 AP Psychology
– Nguyen Tuong Anh Khoa got 5/5 AP Biology, 4/5 AP Macroeconomics
– Diep Kien An got 3/5 AP Calculus AB
– Do Hoang Minh ANH got 5/5 AP Psychology
– Tran Anh Khoi got 4/5 AP Calculus AB
– Ho Dac Quynh Giang got 4/5 AP Macroeconomics
At the same time, don’t forget to CONGRATULATE the students of PennSchool:

– Nguyen An Phu got 3/5 AP Psychology
– Tran Quang got 5/5 AP Calculus AB
– Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Thao got 5/5 AP Calculus AB
– Thai Gia Hung got 4/5 AP Psychology, 4/5 AP Biology
– Nguyen Hoang Linh Chi got 4/5 AP Psychology, 4/5 AP Calculus AB
– Bui Quang Huy got 3/5 AP Physics C, 4/5 AP Calculus AB
– Pham Hoang Minh Thu got 3/5 AP Psychology, 5/5 AP Calculus AB
– Vo Hoang Bao Tran got 3/5 AP Biology
Advanced Placement (AP) is an advanced academic program equivalent to the first year of college at universities. Most AP courses require students to have a certain knowledge foundation to be able to study and successfully conquer this exam.

The AP courses at WASS and PennSchool not only provide favorable conditions for students to understand the structure, processes, and requirements of the exam, but they also create opportunities for students to familiarize themselves with and delve into the basic subjects of the college curriculum. Achieving high scores in the competition is an important highlight that helps students increase their admission rates and opportunities for scholarships from prestigious universities worldwide.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to all students, and may these initial achievements prepare them well for stepping onto the threshold of universities.

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