05/03 2022

Highlight from the series of events the “Counseling Week of Studying Abroad 2022”

The series of events “Counseling Week of Studying Abroad 2022 with ISA”, which lasted 4 weeks from February 12th to March 5th, 2022, officially ended with the participation of a large number of students. The majority of participants are students in grades 11 and 12 in Ho Chi Minh City who intend to study abroad after graduating from high school in Vietnam.

In contrast to the “bleak” situation two years ago, the enrollment period of colleges and universities around the world is busier this year, as many of the epidemic’s restrictions have been removed. Furthermore, many opportunities have been opened up in 2022. One of these is that some governments and universities have increased their budgets for financial aid and scholarship packages while reducing pressure on procedures and academic requirements. Moreover, thanks to the strategic cooperation relationship between Vietnam and other countries, Vietnamese students have more opportunities than others.

With these benefits, many young people quickly seized this chance to study abroad in 2022 to carry out their long-delayed dream. Participating in the event “Counseling Week of Studying Abroad 2022 with ISA”, some students expressed their regret at delaying their plan of studying abroad because of the effects of the pandemic. Most of them also wished to have a clear plan so that they can stay overseas to study, work and even settle down.

At the events, ISA’s consultants assisted the students in preparing for the upcoming admissions in 2022. Besides, with a global network of partners all over the world, ISA has also provided opportunities for potential students to apply for scholarships to some of the world’s top universities, including The University of Adelaide (one of Australia’s Go8 representatives), Niagara College (Canada), Illinois State University (USA), etc.

The event was also a chance for ISA to meet parents and students as well as understand their concerns in planning for studying abroad in the next years. It is expected that in the future, ISA will continue to organize many other programs and events to bring the latest updates on studying, working, and settling in other countries such as the US, Canada, and Australia,…

Parents and students who want to learn more about studying abroad, scholarships, and visas, please contact 0938 938 748 for a free consultation.

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