08/05 2023

CONGRATULATIONS to the students of WASS and PennSchool for achieving medals in the National Round of the HKICO and HKISO 2023!

Continuing the success in the Preliminary Rounds of the HKICO and HKISO 2023, WASS and PennSchool communities are proud of the 13 students who competed in the National Round and are ready to compete with other competitors from many countries in the Global Round, which will be held in June.


– LUU TRAN MAN KHANG – VAP- 4A – PennSchool – Silver Award

– CHEN QUAN THANG – BWA-12A – WASS – Silver Award

– NGUYEN NGOC LAM DAN –  BWA-12A – WASS – Silver Award



– TRAN NGOC MINH AN – IAP-2A – Silver Award

– KHANH PHUC AN – VAP-6B – Silver Award

– KIM MIN JOO – VAP-5B – Bronze Award

– NGUYEN THIEN MINH – IAP-8A – Bronze Award

– DOAN HOANG BAO THY – VAP-8A – Bronze Award

– HOANG TRAN BINH MINH – ADP-10A – Bronze Award

– NGUYEN MINH KHOI – VAP-6B – Consolation Award


DO DANG MINH TRI (BWA-4F) – Silver Award

NGUYEN TUNG LAM (BWA-5C) – Silver Award

LUU NGOC ANH(BWA-2C) – Bronze Award

LE YEN LINH (BWA-3J) – Bronze Award


HKICO and HKISO 2023 are opportunities for students to demonstrate their abilities and passions in the fields of science and computers. At the same time, the competition also provides valuable knowledge to help students become more confident and mature.

Once again, congratulations to all the students and RT Holdings hope that all of you will succeed continuously in the next round.

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