28/12 2023

Celebrating a sparkling Christmas with SISS

Christmas is not only a festive season but also a time to exchange warm wishes and gifts as expressions of encouragement, support, and gratitude. The Christmas season at SISS was no exception, as students, along with teachers and friends, created memorable moments through the “Jingle All the Way to SISS” Christmas celebration in 2023.

Initiating the vibrant activities during the Christmas month, the Jaguars immersed themselves in the lively atmosphere of the colorful Christmas Fair. Here, they shared moments filled with laughter through humorous interactions with the legendary Santa Claus. The captivating musical performances by SISS students made the event even more interesting and lively. Not stopping there, the students actively supported fundraising booths to spread love during Christmas to students in Yen Bai Province. All proceeds were donated to the “Build A Better Tomorrow” Community Fund to implement the “Yen Bai, vi ngay mai tuoi dep” project SISS is undertaking in the academic year 2023-2024.

Concluding the Christmas Fair, on the morning of December 14, the Jaguars continued their journey into a world full of colors through a cupcake decoration activity themed around Christmas. With their creativity and skilled hands, they crafted adorable shapes for their cupcakes, such as snowmen, Christmas trees, or Santa Claus hats. Additionally, they enthusiastically participated in decorating Christmas trees using felt paper, adding to the festive spirit. With precision and patience, each student created their most satisfying masterpieces.

The joy of welcoming Christmas at SISS multiplied as the students embarked on outdoor adventures and practical learning field trips at Fanpekka Winter Village (Tan Phu District) for young Jaguars and the snowy land of Saigon Snow Town (District 2) for 5th-grade students and the Secondary School. At Fanpekka, the young students immersed themselves in a vast playground, overcoming fears with adventurous games, and exploring the Lasten Castle and the mysterious mirror world. They transformed into firefighters, salespersons, and train conductors, and showcased their skills in assembling various models. While the young students were involved in exciting activities, at Saigon Snow Town, the older students had a memorable day enjoying activities such as sledding, building snowmen, snowball fights, and even taking group photos in various amusing poses.

The events and activities during the Christmas season not only helped the Jaguars keep beautiful memories and learn valuable life lessons but also contributed to nurturing a SISS community filled with love and unity. The School hoped that the meaningful gifts prepared for the students during the Christmas season would provide greater motivation for them to continue striving on their future paths.

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