25/12 2021

AmCollege & IABM held the online graduation and final exams

The American College of Vietnam (AmCollege) held a graduation exam for students of course T19A specializing in early childhood education and primary education on December 11th, 2021. AmCollege arranged this graduation exam online using the Moodle platform, utilizing innovative and flexible ways of learning and assessment.

Also in December, the Institute of Accounting and Business Administration (IABM) held the final exam for the students of the Tax & Tax Declaration course and the Tax Finalization course. IABM’s future accountants also took this final exam using Moodle, which is an online multiple-choice examination.

AmCollege and IABM’s Academic and Student support department has created detailed Moodle tutorial videos in order to provide students skills to enter this critical test in the new format with confidence.

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