14/01 2022

Welcome the Lunar New Year with Spring Festival 2022 “New year – Better me”

The sentence “Tet is coming!” is simple, but it evokes in everyone’s heart excitement, joy and indescribable excitement. At the end of the year, Tet is also an opportunity for us to temporarily put work aside to gather with family, and look forward to a New Year with faith in new opportunities and new successes.

This year, together we welcome a new Spring in the midst of the pandemic, and proudly look back on the achievements of the process of overcoming and conquering the epidemic both in society and in every family, every school, every classroom to make sure no one left behind as the world keeps moving forward. Looking back on the past year 2021 with many emotions, IEDG community and its member brands can proudly smile and open their arms to welcome the new year, ready for the positive things that await ahead. a more complete “version” of each person.

With that spirit, WASS and PennSchool will organize the Spring Festival 2022 with the theme “New Year – Better Me” through an online form to bring a source of energy for the students, parents, teachers and all members of the Group to make the New Year 2022 more meaningful.

Đến với Hội Xuân 2022, chúng ta sẽ cùng tìm hiểu văn hóa dân gian qua trò chơi truyền thống ngày Tết, chia sẻ những khoảnh khắc xúc động tại livestream giao lưu trực tiếp Lễ hội mùa xuân, đồng thời tham quan và mua sắm các sản phẩm Tết tại Phiên chợ Xuân do các bạn học sinh của WASS và PennSchool tự tay thực hiện. Coming to the Spring Festival 2022, we will learn about folklore through traditional Tet games, share emotional moments at the Spring Festival live stream, visit and shop for souvenirs at the Spring Market. The products are hand-made by students of WASS and PennSchool.

Let’s countdown to 16:00 on January 21st, 2022 to attend the Spring Festival 2022 “New Year – Better Me” with IEDG!

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