18/11 2021

We have found 22 of the best initiatives “EMBRACE FLEXIBILITY AND INNOVATION”

With the goal of promoting flexibility and creativity in the teaching field, we have developed methods that match the requirements of educational activities in the new normal period, the contest “Welcome the school year 2021 – 2022” with the theme “Embrace Flexibility and Innovation” was officially launched by IEDG at The Western Australian International School System (WASS) and Pennsylvania American International School System (PennSchool) in August 2021.

The contest is not only a place to share multi-dimensional views on the reality of teaching and learning activities in the period of separation and post-distance but also an opportunity for teachers to introduce new ideas and new creative teaching methods, thus contributing to improving the quality of teaching and learning to adapt to all changes in society, as well as meeting the needs of the digital transformation in education, in the midst of an era of technological progress.

After only one week of launching, the contest received more than 100 ideas from Vietnamese and foreign teachers throughout the system. In general, this year’s ideas all have elaborate investment, creativity, and high feasibility, which has caused the Organizing Committee to ponder a lot to find worthy works. As a result, 22 of the best initiatives were shortlisted winners.

Cô Janie Fourie

One of the most impressive initiatives of the contest was from Ms. Janie Fourie from WASS. As a preschool teacher, teaching during a period of increased social distancing is more difficult than ever. However, Ms. Janie Fourie did her own research and came up with many novel ways to attract the students’ attention such as: making sounds from household items, clapping hands, funny make-up, and dressing up according to the topic of the lecture,… These simple but effective modified ways of teaching have helped Ms. Janie Fourie’s lessons be ones that are filled with joy.

It can be affirmed that the contest “Welcome the new school year 2021 – 2022” with the theme “Embrace Flexibility and Innovation” has aroused the spirit of constant improvement and constant learning of the teachers at IEDG, thereby contributing to improving the training quality of the whole system.

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