15/03 2023

WASSERS join Book Week, and Sports Week

March has marked the exciting activities of WASS. With learning activities and field trips, the children had the opportunity to promote their creative thinking, improve essential skills, arouse their love of learning, and become lifelong learners. Let’s review the meaningful activities of the WASS community in the past March.


At WASS, Book Week helps raise awareness among students about the great values and benefits of reading. Book Week Activities are implemented and closely linked with subjects, through which the students not only train their reading and comprehension skills but also form and further develop their skills in various fields such as writing, editing, and art skills, which help contribute to the student’s holistic development.

With the activity of sketching the cover of their favorite book,WASSers redraw with their personal ideas and paint on different materials, such as canvas paintings, tote bags, or conical hats. WASSers also got the chance to visit the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden.

Continuing the Book Week journey, WASSers were able to learn about and access more useful and interesting books at Nguyen Van Binh Book Street. Here, the students also worked in groups to discuss and implement projects to learn about and analyze the value of famous works by female authors in Vietnam and around the world.


In addition to the academic values, Western Australian School System always strives to create the best conditions and environment for students to have a rewarding and active playground, contribute to the fullest development of their talents, and lay the groundwork for the all-round development of physical, mental, emotional, and essential skills.

WASS organizes All Stars Fest with the theme “Dare to Dream – Strive to Achieve” to provide opportunities for students to access and participate in talent competitions in sports, music, and the arts. Thereby, the students form and maintain positive and healthy habits to improve their physical health as well as their artistic talent.

Hopefully, with the exciting and interesting activities in the past month, the students have had meaningful study time, accumulated a lot of useful knowledge, and will continue to spread positive energy to the community.

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