20/11 2022

WASSers expressed gratitude to “The future creators” through interesting activities on November 20th

On the journey of building students’ dreams, it is indispensable for the silhouettes of teachers, who play an important role in creating a bright future for their young students. Therefore, WASS welcomed November 20th of this year with the theme “The Future Creators” to honor the teachers.

The school organized a number of exciting activities to mark the special day. WASSers spent hours curating a “one of a kind” exhibition, displaying pictures and humorous anecdotes of homeroom teachers, co-teachers, and subject teachers. The students expressed their gratitude to their beloved teachers by using a set of meaningful stickers prepared in the display area.

The students also made cards and folded flowers, which they gave to their teachers with sincere thanks. Each gift served to brighten each Teacher’s Day. However, for each teacher, the most precious gift that the students give them is to grow up healthy and live a kind and consistent life with their passions and choices.

As the Teacher’s Day celebration came to a close, WASS teachers and students exchanged words of gratitude with one another. With a passion for the profession, commitment to students, teachers guide generations of students on the path to their dreams and aspirations. Wherever you are in the world, the teaching profession is always one of the noblest professions, teachers always carry on their shoulders the noblest missions despite being very humble.


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