01/03 2023

WASSers and HomeOfTheEagles join the Real Learning series: Countless opportunities for growth

One of the essential experiences at both WASS and PennSchool each academic year is the Field Trip. During each excursion, students get to explore different regions, learn about the history and culture of the places they visit, and participate in various hands-on activities, educational experiences, and team-building exercises.

Last month, the youngest members of the WASS and PennSchool families participated in a Field Trip and combined camping experience at the Mango Orchard. 

Besides the fun atmosphere, the trip is an opportunity for WASSers and HomeOfTheEagles to observe their surroundings and stimulate their curiosity to ask and answer questions through their own experiences. This helps them gain a better understanding of the importance of land conservation and wildlife preservation.

The night camping also provided memorable experiences for WASSers and HomeOfTheEagles as they showcased their talents and teamwork by decorating the campsite and participating in a fashion show.

In the upcoming February and March, WASSers and HomeOfTheEagles from other grades will embark on a field trip to some of Vietnam’s cultural heritage sites, including Ninh Binh, Da Lat, Da Nang, and Hoi An.

Through these activities, the Indochina Group and its schools, WASS and PennSchool, hope that the field trips will help students understand Vietnam’s history and culture, as well as the importance of preserving national heritage. As a result, students will feel proud and take appropriate actions to continue preserving and promoting cultural heritage values in Vietnam.

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