04/12 2021

WASS was officially granted “Membership” of The Council of International School (CIS)

The Western Australian International School System (WASS) has been granted “Membership” of The Council of International Schools (CIS) – the world’s leading organization in accreditation and recognition of schools that meet international standards. Being recognized and becoming a member of this organization is the first step, affirming the high-quality and world-class education that WASS has been diligently pursuing and implementing throughout its formation and development.

Previously, in October 2021, WASS was honored to have an online assessment by CIS representatives in 3 days. After surveying and meeting with operation departments, attending classes, interviewing students, parents as well as school officials, etc., CIS representatives also took initial steps to evaluate the teaching process, education quality, and student support activities at WASS. At the same time, the school leaders also had the opportunity to listen to suggestions from CIS representatives to make improvement plans in accordance with the standards set by the organization.

Exceeded 20 core standards on 08 aspects, including School purpose and direction; Governance, leadership, and ownership; Curriculum; Teaching and Assessing for Learning; Student Learning & Well-being; Staffing; Premises & Physical Accommodation; Community & Home Partnerships, WASS had been recognized by CIS as an official member.

It can be said that this event marks an important milestone in the history of the formation and development of the Western Australian International School System, and this is also a recognition for the non-stop efforts of the group members, our teachers, staff, parents, students… at WASS. Being recognized as a member of CIS will also open up opportunities for students to transfer to prestigious universities in the world after graduation.

In the upcoming journey, WASS will continue striving to achieve comprehensive recognition, providing students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to pursue their dreams as global citizens in international education.

Source: WASS

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