16/06 2023

WASS Kindergarten Summer Camp “A Step Into Nature” has officially begun

On June 12th, WASS Kindergarten welcomed little angels from 18 months to 6 years old to join the summer program “A STEP INTO NATURE”. On the first day, the students were very excited to be welcomed by the teachers in a bustling atmosphere and colorful space.

On the first day of summer school, the students participated in many exciting activities, such as watching a magic show, participating in group activities, meeting new friends, and having meaningful time to study with teachers. The first week of school was equally exciting, with numerous activities to explore the ocean and marine life with the theme of Ocean Wonders.

With 7 weeks of summer with the theme of discovering nature, the “A STEP INTO NATURE” summer camp of WASS Kindergarten let the children both learn and explore the wonderful natural world around them. The bilingual program with 4 subjects—Math, English, Science, and Reading Circle—will be taught entirely in English, designed based on the Western Australian curriculum framework, which will provide opportunities for children to interact and get acquainted with the foreign language in a close, ideal environment.

The journey to discover wonderful nature has officially begun. WASS Kindergarten hopes that the “little explorers” will have a wonderful time learning and gaining many childhood experiences.

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