20/10 2021

WASS becomes a member of CIS – The first step on the journey to join the world’s leading prestigious international school system

With the goal of reaching the designation of an official international school and affirming training quality, The Western Australian International School System (WASS) has registered to become an official member of the CIS (Council of International Schools) – a membership community committed to high quality international education. Recently, more than 1300 institutions – 740 schools and 615 colleges and universities representing 116 countries are CIS members.

WASS’s mission is to orient students to become global citizens and to provide world-class education. This is also the general orientation of the schools’ future membership with the CIS.

The CIS has set strict criteria in its verification process. To become one of its members, WASS needs to satisfy the core criteria with 45 criteria of 8 standards, including the School’s Objectives and orientations; International education program; Teaching and student assessment; Academic quality and psychological well-being of students; to Facilities and so on.

In October, The Western Australian International School System was honored to be assessed by a CIS representative for 3 days. After observing and meeting with WASS’s operating departments, attending classes, interviewing students and parents as well as school officials,… CIS representatives also had step-by-step assessments in the teaching process, training scale, and student support activities. WASS leadership also had the opportunity to listen to CIS representatives’ suggestions in order to improve the school in accordance with CIS standards.

If WASS is officially recognized as a member by the CIS Organization, WASS will reach another important milestone on the journey towards the goal into an International Education System, which achieves the value assessment of the CIS organization in the next 2 years.

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