15/09 2022

WASS and PennSchool’s students experience delight at the Mid-Autumn Festival

Every August of the lunar calendar, WASS and PennSchool students are given the opportunity to take part in the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations with children from all over Vietnam. The schools organize a variety of exciting and meaningful activities enjoyed by all students.

In preparation, all WASS and PennSchool campuses were decorated with beautiful, Mid-Autumn Festival themed lanterns, and other seasonal symbols. 

In addition to being a national custom, the Mid-Autumn Festival offers a chance for WASS and PennSchool students and teachers to come together after school. The students took part in festival related activities, such as lantern parades, cake-making, watching lion dances, and playing folk games like blindfolded goat catching, dragon snake catching, Cheraw dancing, etc. They also learned about the significance and beauty of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and joined their friends in dressing up as fairies and other traditional costumes.

The festival also complimented the two schools’ methods of learning through the combination of knowledge transmission and exciting extra curricular activities. Students learn more effectively when using this method as opposed to theory alone.

Through these activities, Indochina Group and its schools hope that the students will not forget the Vietnamese traditions. We believe this is especially important during their journey of international integration, a process that requires the younger generation to prioritize updating the most modern and innovative concepts of the times.

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