01/06 2022

WASS and PennSchool welcome House Sport Day in an exciting atmosphere

At WASS and PennSchool, physical education is an essential subject for students at all levels of high school. Sports games encourage students to develop healthy exercise habits and increase strength, stamina, and flexibility, forming active skills as a foundation for overall physical development and team spirit.

The most anticipated annual event at WASS and PennSchool, “House Sport Day,” returned in May and was a huge success, with a wide variety of exciting sports activities.

As part of the event, PennSchool held a Sports Festival from May 20th to May 25th, and WASS, from May 21st to June 2nd. The sports games brought strong team spirit and friendly competition between the students of WASS and PennSchool. The games, including football, water polo, chess, and a number of others, not only provided opportunities for students to have fun, but also helped strengthen their physical fitness, intelligence, and team spirit, giving WASS and PennSchool students a dynamic playground to exercise as well as relax after a tiring school year. This event serves as a link between students from all over the school to collaborate, increase solidarity, and make more treasured memories with WASS and PennSchool.

The most captivating and meaningful images from this year’s House Sport Day were those of the handshakes and hugs shared between members of the campuses to share celebration or commiseration. Throughout the event, the students of WASS and PennSchool spread the spirit of solidarity, cooperation, and exchange among members, together with building a close-knit community. Winning or losing has never been the focus of House Sport Day at WASS and PennSchool. The efforts, perseverance, and will of the students to surpass themselves are the most valuable takeaways that the teachers always aim for.

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