01/11 2021

WASS and PennSchool organized vaccination against Covid-19 for students

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Health and the Department of Education and Training, WASS and PennSchool have undertaken immunization activities for groups of students from grade 6 (age of 12) to grade 12 to guarantee kids’ safety prior to returning to school. This activity was divided into two phases: early November and late November.

This was a voluntary activity that was carried out with the highest care by the School Board in order to prepare students for immunization. Students and parents who visited the injection location must complete a medical statement; parents accompanying the student must fulfill the following criteria: they must have had at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccination or the F0 must have recovered from the illness. School personnel and homeroom teachers were continually present at the injection site to assist children and supplied protective gear and anti-drop eyewear for all participants to guarantee their safety.

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