14/12 2018

Volunteer activities for children with cancer 2018

The Christmas season has come again in the warm and bustling atmosphere of the last days of the year, and this is also the time when the entire WASS community focuses on the value of “Empathy”. Thanks to the close cooperation between the school family and the whole community, this December WASS successfully organized the Christmas 2018 charity program.

Special Christmas – is a series of meaningful activities, bringing a warm and peaceful Christmas to children with cancer. This is also an opportunity to help the students of  WASS to better understand the sharing, love and value of “Empathy” that WASS wants to convey.

Right from the first days of the month, the children of Kindergarten and Primary School have started raising piggy banks to raise funds with their study efforts and helping families every weekend. At the same time, teachers and students throughout the Group also spend time making handmade products, dishes, drinks and gifts to introduce and auction in the Christmas market at school. Donated items and cash for the charity trip at Oncology Hospital are also continuously sent to the program by parents and students.

WASS Preschools students sold homemade food and drinks to raise funds

WASSers auctioned paintings, sold handmade products and gifts and received donations at the school Christmas market.

Along with the money from the ticket sales for the Christmas concert, WASS has raised a charity fund with a total value of up to 113,000,000 VND and successfully organized a volunteer trip to visit, entertain and encourage. Children are being treated at the Department of Internal Medicine, Oncology Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City.

At the same time, giving 150 gifts equal to 33,000,000 VND, along with a cash support of 60,000,000 VND for 12 disadvantaged children, each child had 5,000,000 VND. Thus, up to now, during this year’s Christmas season, WASS has transferred  93,000,000 VND to the place it needs to go. The remaining money is being kept for the next charity round at Children’s Hospital 2 in March 2019.

With an effort to cultivate compassion, sharing and love in each student, along with the companionship of parents, the WASS community has brought a peaceful, warm Christmas and eased the sorrows. pain for difficult situations in life. Hopefully, WASS’s series of volunteer activities to join hands for children with cancer will bring joy and confidence to pediatric patients, helping them recover quickly, go home and have a normal life like friends. at the same age.

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