17/08 2023

The success concludes the Professional Development Training Week for teachers of RT Holdings

The Professional Development Training Week on August 1st to August 11th, 2023, aimed at all teachers from WASS, PennSchool, and SISS units of RT Holdings has officially ended.

Through a two-week training program, teachers of RT Holdings underwent focused training on various crucial topics in teaching, ranging from specialized subject matters to pedagogical skills. Through multidirectional and open interactive discussion sessions, teachers have had the opportunity to comprehensively and effectively exchange information, thereby accumulating in-depth knowledge. Consequently, they gain a deeper understanding of each subject and curriculum, enhancing their cross-disciplinary integration skills as well as other crucial pedagogical abilities throughout the teaching process.

Some notable themes from Professional Development Training Week include:

  • Professional Development: The 2 weeks of training helped teachers update their knowledge in their respective fields, and explore current trends and challenges in education. Consequently, each teacher fortified their ability to conduct research and address specific subject-related issues.


  • Leadership and Educational Management: Discussions on effective leadership, student management skills, and teaching-oriented developing competencies bolstered teachers’ classroom management and student development skills.


  • Educational Psychology: Conversations about educational psychology enabled teachers to comprehend how students think, express emotions, and react to the learning environment. They also learned to identify and support students facing psychological difficulties, create a positive learning atmosphere that fosters student confidence and initiative, and manage conflicts while maintaining a harmonious learning environment.


  • Technology and Science: Information about new technology trends and guidance on using technology tools such as Chat GPT, Canvas, and SPS 360, allowed teachers to leverage technological advantages to optimise knowledge transmission processes and collaborate closely with parents in student management.


  • Creativity and Innovation: Topics on educational creativity and innovation encouraged a creative spirit in teaching, fostering a proactive approach to finding methods that enhance the lively and enthusiastic atmosphere of lessons, and meeting students’ expectations for a modern, internationally-minded learning environment.


  • The active participation of all members during the training process led to effective knowledge exchange. As a result, teachers gained valuable insights from colleagues, management, and psychological experts, contributing to improving teaching quality.

Through Professional Development Training Week, RT Holdings has achieved its initial goals of providing learning, sharing, and skill development opportunities to enhance teaching quality for teachers within RT Holdings. This event marks the Group’s commitment to ensuring sustainable development and elevating the quality of international education.

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