People Strategy

In regards to our human resources strategy, RT Holdings has always been consistent with the spirit of considering human resources as the most important factor and most valuable asset in a solid foundation for the success of our organization. Therefore, RT Holdings always strives to create a professional, modern, and friendly working environment that inspires members to work every day, thus maximizing each person’s forte and strengths.

At RT Holdings, we would like to maximize each member’s right to work, create, develop and dedicate, and always strive to create harmony between each member and our collective interests.

The organization has been aiming to build a series of welfare and training policies so that all members can promote their potential and have the momentum to go the farthest on their professional development journey at RT Holdings. Core values ​​such as caring, orientation, respect, and empowerment embody RT Holdings culture in human resources strategy. It is worth noting that each member feels this connection and love for the common house named RT Holdings. They can be proud of their own values and are motivated to make great contributions to the organization.

Sustainable development

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Community Spirit

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