10/10 2023

The story of a Marketer in the education industry (Part 1)

In RT Holdings “garden,” every teacher and staff member is like a “seed planter” with different roles, providing all the necessary elements and nutrients for each seed to grow. As the seeds gradually grow and thrive, teachers nurture their strong “roots” with knowledge and skills through appropriate methods, helping them reach their full potential with their passions. Simultaneously, the members of the Group are reliable companions, helping students maximize their potential and grow up healthy and happy through extracurricular and sports activities, psychological counseling, nutrition care, and more.

To ensure that students have wonderful moments in their second beloved home, the members of the Marketing Team, who organize wholesome activities, remarkable events, and beneficial competitions, also contribute significantly to the comprehensive development of the students. Starting the series of stories “Marketing in the Education Sector” at RT Holdings, let’s listen to the insights and passionate sharing from the Head of Internal Events and Communications – Ms. Nguyen Tran Yen Nhi.

It’s understood that you currently hold a significant position in RT Holdings’ Marketing Team for Internal Events & Communications. How did you become a part of this Group?

I developed an affinity for the marketing field at an early age, and after several years in the industry, I realized the rapid development and significant importance marketing brings to any sector.
In terms of my connection with RT Holdings, one of the reasons is my deep affection for children due to their cuteness and innocence. Additionally, I’m someone who appreciates youthfulness and dynamism. Thus, on one beautiful day three years ago, I had the opportunity to apply for a role in RT Holdings, and I’ve been a part of the Group since then.

Can you elaborate more on your current role? What does a typical workday look like for you?

Currently, I’m in charge of internal activities and events within the Group and its affiliated units. As the department head, I oversee and collaborate with the team to generate ideas and create plans for events, and then I oversee their execution.

Compared to other industries like F&B (food and beverage) or FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), do you have any insights into the differences and challenges of marketing in the education sector?

Before entering the education sector, I had the opportunity to work in FMCG, and these two fields are entirely different. In the education sector, the main focus is on providing educational value and personal development to students. Education marketing is often related to conveying messages about the quality of education, learning methods, and good career opportunities for students. On the other hand, F&B and FMCG usually focus on product marketing and driving sales.
Another aspect that differs between these two industries is the time and decision-making process. The education sector often involves longer decision-making processes. Parents typically consider their options carefully before choosing a school or course for their children. In contrast, F&B and FMCG decisions are often quick and emotionally driven.

In general, I believe education marketing requires a deep understanding of the industry to provide quality education and build long-term relationships with parents and students.

With the increasing competition among educational institutions, what do you believe are the essential factors for RT Holdings Schools to stand out and differentiate themselves?

In my opinion, for an educational institution to stand out and thrive in the market, the essential factor is education quality. We need to have a high-quality academic curriculum that meets the students’ needs and a team of well-qualified teachers who provide maximum support to the students.

In addition, to meet the educational needs of today’s students and provide them with new learning experiences, integrating technology into the curriculum, developing soft skills, and offering personalized education methods will be competitive advantages. Particularly for the RT Holdings Schools to achieve high effectiveness in enrollment and education, the Marketing Team has organized advisory events and conducted extensive surveys to gain deeper insights into the habits, preferences, and needs of parents and students. This aims to reinforce and successfully implement the long-term development strategy.

Could you share some tips for achieving high efficiency in your work and the internal event and communications team?

Everything I’ve learned and applied in my work at RT Holdings is based on some fundamental principles that I believe can help me and the team achieve high efficiency in our work.

Firstly, when organizing events and internal communications effectively, it’s essential to listen to and understand the needs and desires of the target audience, specifically parents, students, and members within the Group. This has allowed my team to find suitable event organization methods that meet the desires of the target audience. Moreover, meticulously planning each stage is essential. We carefully prepare detailed plans for each component to ensure balance and prevent unexpected issues. We also strive to stay updated on new trends and technologies in fields related to education, technology, event communication, etc. Lastly, the sense of pride and the ability to leverage success through teamwork, full support, and passion are what make me feel proud. This is because the entire Event and Internal Communications team works closely and enthusiastically together.

Are there any new trends in the field of communications and events in the education sector that you are interested in or believe will have an impact in the future?

In my personal opinion, the integration of technology into various industries has become a new trend and a positive transformation for social life. Specifically in event management, I predict that online events, AR-VR applications, or the use of STEM and STEAM technologies will become trends in the future. However, how events are organized in the education sector may change rapidly in line with technological advancements and educational needs. For this reason, I set the requirement for myself and my team to actively study and keep up with the market’s demands.


Thank you, Ms. Nhi, for your passionate sharing and practical insights on the ongoing activities within RT Holdings.

The next internal magazine issue promises to bring interesting stories and deeper perspectives on the creative and professional process of filming and photography with the Media team, a part of the Marketing Department. Hopefully, this topic will help teachers and RTHers better understand how to create engaging content in an increasingly competitive education market.

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