20/12 2021

Meeting the authors of two incredible initiatives of “EMBRACE FLEXIBILITY & INNOVATION”

In order to promote creativity in teaching and finding new, more flexible educational methods, IEDG has started the school year of 2021 – 2022 in an exciting atmosphere with the competition “Welcome the new school year 2021 – 2022” with the topic “Embrace Flexibility & Innovation”. Within only a month of implementation, the contest received more than 100 ideas from the dynamic, enthusiastic and dedicated teachers of IEDG. Each initiative is a demonstration of the teachers’ efforts in innovating teaching methods which allow students to learn and promote creative thinking organically.

In the previous issue of IEDG Connection Magazine, we have honored 22 faces with the most ground-breaking initiatives of the contest. This time, we will meet and listen to the interesting contributions of two excellent teachers who won the first prize. These are Ms. Doan Duong Hong Linh and Ms. Cecilia Janie Fourie of the Western Australian International School System (WASS). 

When we asked about the creative inspiration she received from the “Embrace Flexibility & Innovation” competition, Ms. Doan Duong Hong Linh smiled brightly and shared: “I felt extremely happy when my initiatives could support colleagues during their work. Not only that, after the contest, I felt that I had a lot of new ideas thanks to the initiatives of the other teachers.”


Ms. Doan Duong Hong Linh
Ms. Doan Duong Hong Linh

In order to have our current success, behind these great initiatives and effective teaching methods is a long process of hard work and great effort from teachers such as Ms. Linh, who commented: “For me, the challenge of applying new initiatives in teaching lies in the fact that each student has different learning abilities, personal capacity and forte.” In order to solve this problem, she carefully notes all the related matters of each student to customize her teaching and support plan for each child. This is not only an effort in improving and innovating teaching methods, but also a “the love of job and love of children ” that those who pursue a mission of growing people possess.

The first prize Co-winner of the contest, Ms. Cecilia Janie Fourie also had very useful initiatives. As a preschool teacher, Ms. Janie Fourie offers very simple and effective ways to attract students’ attention such as making sounds from objects in the house. This method has significantly improved the concentration of the children when they have to sit in front of the computer screen for a long time. Ms. Janie Fourie’s lessons are thus always filled with joy and excitement.

Ms. Cecilia Janie Fourie

The competition “Welcome the new school year 2021 – 2022” with the topic of “Embrace Flexibility & Innovation” has really become a launching pad that’s igniting the creative fire in each IEDG member. With the spirit of continuous innovation, our teachers consistently contribute their strength to IEDG and allow us to firmly conquer all future goals and ambitions, thereby integrating deeply with global education in the digital era. 

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