01/02 2022

Lunar New Year 2022 greetings

Dear Teachers and Colleagues of the IEDG family,

With the excitement and anticipation of celebrating the Vietnamese traditional Tet holiday of 2022, IEDG wishes our beloved Teachers and Colleagues a new year full of happiness, lasting prosperity, and good health in order to set off on our new journey for the Year of the Tiger ahead.

All the difficulties of the previous year have passed; however, it’s not yet time to close our eyes as many challenges still remain, one in particular, the challenge of continually enhancing and updating our teaching methods to coincide with the growth in students that IEDG has been so fortunate to witness. We also have some exciting new plans for building, developing and scaling up our institution.

Thanks to all of your endless hard work and invaluable contributions, IEDG has made solid achievements during the course of 2021. Most notably, WASS has officially joined the Council of International Schools (CIS); and those accreditations are gradually deploying throughout the international schools, including Pennschool & WASS, and the post-secondary and short-term institutions under IEDG’s name, such as Pen Academy, IABM and AmCollege. The third international school system of SISS, TDA, Penn Academy, American National Academy High School in Greenville will also soon come into operation and is expected to start enrollment in the fall of 2022. Furthermore, along with officially becoming the dominant shareholder of Hoc Lieu Joint Stock Company (a member of Vietnam Education Publishing House), IEDG is also planning to expand 03 more campuses in District 1, 3 and 10, promising to increase IEDG’s brand awareness throughout Ho Chi Minh City – the economic hub of Vietnam.

We believe that the above achievements will be a meaningful and much appreciated new year’s gift for all of us who are unanimously steering the IEDG boat firmly towards wider oceans.

The new year approaches, with fresh opportunities, challenges and the aspiration to succeed in all our upcoming projects. In 2022, taking a humanistic approach as the guideline for all of our ventures, we hope to all strive together towards our set goals in time for the 20th anniversary of IEDG’s establishment in March 2023.

As a community of diverse cultures and nationalities, we hope that the Teachers and Colleagues under the common roof of IEDG will all enjoy the delight of Vietnamese New Year with family members and friends, as well as re-energize after a year of hard work.

Again, your contributions at IEDG are all appreciated and we are forever thankful to you. Let’s all welcome the year of Tiger with Prosperity, Happiness and Fortune.

Yours sincerely,

IEDG Culture Team

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