20/10 2021

Letter of Congratulation on Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10

Loving greetings to the most beautiful women of IEDG,

The most special day of October and also the day dedicated to Vietnamese women have arrived. On this day, we not only respect and honor Vietnamese women but also foreign teachers and staff living and working here with IEDG. This year, in a special situation of society, as well as a flexible working environment according to the change of the epidemic situation, we will once again enjoy a memorable holiday just for you – the passionate and burning flames at IEDG.

Women are always the symbols of beauty, warmth, and especially for Vietnamese people, women are also a symbol of family, a place of peace and tranquility for our men to return after hard and stressful working hours.

Our dearest charming women,

With the divine role of being Women, they are endowed by the Creator with ingenuity and ingenuity in every job they undertake. With their mission as “Wonder Woman” at IEDG, they bring about miraculous changes; With the responsibility of being the wife, mother, sister, and daughter in the family, they have carried the whole world on their small shoulders. Being born and raised in a poor family, witnessing the hard-working years of the mothers in the countryside made me understand and admire the Vietnamese woman who embodies all the women in the IEDG Community. Every time I meet those women, I see the image of “mother” in it. More broadly, they are the indomitable, resilient, but very gentle and tolerant “Vietnamese Mothers”.

But most of all, all of us, our men, always feel at peace thinking of you – wonderful women who are sharing with IEDG the noble mission of cultivating the green seeds of knowledge, planting and cultivating the seeds of the soul. With wisdom and love, you have contributed to creating brave young generations of Vietnam and global citizens confidently integrating into the open world in the future. To us, the “Wonder Women” of IEDG are not only dedicated female teachers, working day and night to impart knowledge to students, but also young, beautiful and charming female managers and employees from all departments. They are role models full of responsibility and always fulfill all assigned tasks. From the smallest and most mundane jobs to the greatest and most important jobs in the whole system to ensure the best and safest learning environment for students, you ensure to give students the opportunity to discover and unleash their full potential. It is also the logistics team – brothers and sisters, janitors, nannies… who have chosen for themselves a small job with great contributions in silence. The teachers take care of the students every meal and sleep, helping them to grow up and develop comprehensively. Those are also the teachers who love students dearly, working hard day and night on the lesson to have good and lively lectures to inspire students. Those are the staff, the Managers, the Principals, the Vice Principals,… all dedicated to their work. The contribution of the “Women” has created the brilliant achievements of IEDG today and will continue in the future ahead.

And of course, in the hearts of the men at IEDG, we always hold a special place for the most important women of IEDG. Not only that, you are the heart and soul of IEDG, whose position will never be replaced.

Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20 is just one of 365 days of the year for us to show more love and respect for the silent contributions that you have been making tirelessly every day in this world. I wish you a lot of health, peace in life, always confidence, brave and forever be the most beautiful flowers in the hearts of our men, in our IEDG team.

IEDG Culture Team

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