04/01 2023

Five-year journey accompanied with Indochina Group and the pride in education of Ms. Le Vo Thuy Linh

Five years is a good length of time to give employees enough time to gain experience and give their all in their role. There have been many highlights during Ms. Le Vo Thuy Linh’s five years with Indochina Group and PennSchool.

In this issue of the magazine, we’ll look at Ms. Thuy Linh’s professional adventure at Indochina Group, as well as the most important aspirations and objectives in her educational career.

1. How do you feel when you look back at your five-year journey with Indochina Group?

My five-year journey with Indochina Group has been one full of joy, celebration, and pride. My first emotion is extreme gratitude for being given the mission of “developing people” and being proud of my own and my colleagues’ efforts. I also feel lucky to have chosen the right “home” to develop myself. Over the past five years, Indochina Group has given me the opportunity to dedicate myself to education and has given me a lot of motivation to overcome challenges.

2. What do you cherish most about your time at PennSchool and Indochina Group?

Over the past five years, I have felt very happy and have cherished every moment because PennSchool and Indochina Group have given me the opportunity to be creative in my teaching process. Teachers at the school always receive the attention and enthusiastic support from the Board of Principals. Besides, I really appreciate the time spent with students going through the process of studying and living at the school and receiving their love and trust.

3. In the process of teaching, what is the educational philosophy that you apply to yourself?

My educational philosophy is to use active teaching methods to assist my students in practicing active thinking, self-study, and personalization in order to promote their strengths, individual roles, and comprehensive thinking.

4. For you, what is the most important and sacred thing in your educational career?

For me, the most important thing in my educational career is to see the development of my students’ maturity,  nderstanding, and ability to apply knowledge well in practice. To reach this goal, I’m always looking for ways to teach that will help students develop a passion and interest for learning, as well as encourage them to actively seek knowledge and use their creativity.

5. What expectations do you have for the development of Indochina Group in the future?

With a strong system and current contemporary, liberal, and humanistic education programs, I believe Indochina Group will continue to create new campuses and programs. I am certain they will spread excellent educational principles to more learners in an even more wonderful manner.

In the future, I firmly believe that Indochina Group will continue its strong development, and contribute more to the cause of education and talent training for society.

Recent months did not only see a milestone marking the five-year journey of Ms. Thuy Linh with the Group. They also  included the memorable event when she received the title of “Miss Ao Dai 2022” by Ba Thang Hai Campus of PennSchool. The following are her feelings upon receiving this title.

6. How does it feel to have received the most votes from your school for the “Miss Ao Dai 2022” contest?

When I received the results of the contest “Miss Ao Dai 2022”, I was excited, happy, and very surprised. This is not only a noble award for me, but it is also a very special award because it came from the love of my PennSchool colleagues. Once again, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the members of the PennSchool house for always showing me love and affection. This award means a lot to me and will stay with me throughout my career at PennSchool in particular and Indochina Group in general.

7. Ao Dai is a bold traditional cultural identity outfit that enhances a woman’s elegance. Do you have any special memories with Ao Dai?

When I was a child, every time my mother wore an Ao Dai, I found her extremely beautiful. I also enjoyed seeing my teacher on the podium with a graceful, gentle Ao Dai. Perhaps the special love for Ao Dai has motivated and provided the opportunity for me to become a teacher.

Every time I wear Ao Dai to school, I feel very happy and proud when I hear students praise that: “Miss Linh is so beautiful in Ao Dai!” That is also the reason I love the  traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai.

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