20/12 2022

Cozy Christmas & Year End Party at Indochina Group

When the end of the year brings with it the bustle of the Christmas season, it is also the time when we all need a memorable moment in the middle of our hectic schedule to enjoy a joyful gathering to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

Indochina Group’s Christmas & New Year party was held on December 16th, 2022, for teachers and December 17th, 2022, for Staff. The space was brightly decorated with colorful lights and cheerful music. The lively party was organized by the Group to bring a peaceful and warm festive season, foster bonding, and spread love and joy among its members.

The highlight of the event was a rendition of the acclaimed song “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, sung by everyone at the party. The whole hall produced a beautiful scene with excited smiles as partygoers immersed themselves in the music. When the song came to an end, Santa Claus suddenly appeared on stage with a huge gift bag and gave each member a cup of lovely scented candles. The Group hopes that the gift prepared with gratitude will bring members relaxation and stress relief after long hours of hard work.

Most would say that Christmas is the best time to come together and celebrate a memorable year. In the midst of these busy days leading up to the end of the year, reunions such as this will give us more energy to start new, exciting journeys. Hopefully, all members will rally behind the Indochina Group in the coming year to achieve even greater success in the fields of education and development.



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