01/09 2022

Commemorate our resilient members and celebrate birthdays in July & August of 2022

With the many desirable achievements and milestones that Indochina Group has governed over the “distinctive” past school year, it is crucial that those were mainly creditable by the union and confidence in each other of the members of the Group. Thus, in order to ensure more wholesome and complete experience, along with the efficacy in the journey to school of more than 3,000 students, each one of our members must be able to acknowledge their duties and responsibilities to fulfil. And finally, we believe that responsibilities grew into passion, and the fervent passion kept going so that it would help us build stability and ground us in our decisions up until now.

A course of 5 years is neither too long nor too short but rather just enough for anyone to witness and partake in the changeover of Indochina Group – from its early days of being a relatively new player in the market to now a firmly established and grounded brand. The countless invaluable contributions and devotion of all our partners and stakeholders can never be measured with the sands of time. Hence, Indochina Group would like to pay our deepest gratitude to the positive educational values that our honourable teachers and staff have brought to us as those same values have enabled generations of learners and students to find themselves and paved their way to success.

Last but not least, Indochina Group would like to send our warmest wishes and congratulations to our members who celebrate birthdays this July and August. We wish you this coming age full of good luck, health, happiness and great tranquillity. Let us look forward to this new coming school year with our eyes on safety, innovation and many more successes to come.


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