01/01 2024

Christmas – The season of love

In December, the vast sky generously withholds prolonged rainfall, replacing it with cool winter air, adding a touch of festivity to the streets in the final days of the year. It’s unclear when Christmas became such a special and eagerly anticipated occasion.

At RT Holdings, regardless of one’s role, job position, or religious beliefs, the last days of the year hold profound significance for everyone. Members of the RT Holdings family eagerly embrace the festive Christmas season, engaging in meaningful activities together. Given the diverse nationalities within the Group, the perceptions and memories of Christmas vary widely.

Ms. Isabelle Lindsay Merritt – a Math and Science teacher at WASS, shares: “2023 was truly meaningful for me as it marked my first year working at Western Australian International School System and participating in the lively Christmas Fair. The students were enthusiastic, and we had engaging activities related to Christmas. What I appreciate even more, after many years of teaching in Vietnam, is that I had a long Christmas break similar to the one in the United States.” Alongside Isabelle’s sincere sharing, Ms. Lauren Louise Gallaway, an English teacher at WASS, recounts unforgettable memories with family: “During every Christmas, my family gathers to enjoy delicious food, share stories from the passing year, and exchange gifts. Especially, we go swimming together because the weather in Australia is hot during these days.”

Christmas holds different sentiments and experiences for each person. However, all align with the spirit of Christmas, which is to share love and create meaningful moments with those we cherish. Mr. Nicholas John Perata – a Social Science teacher at PennSchool enthusiastically shares: “For me, Christmas is always an important day to gather with family, savor some delicious gingerbread cookies, share interesting stories, and sing along to warm Christmas tunes, especially my favorite, ‘Silent Night.’ Additionally, my family gets together to play board games and decorate the Christmas tree. During this traditional holiday, we also go to church to pray for blessings for ourselves and our loved ones, sharing meaningful gifts to spread our love. To make Christmas 2023 more special, I’ve decided to travel to Vung Tau with my wife and indulge in enticing seafood.”

Ms. Kristine Alta – R&D English at SISS, also shares her experiences of Christmas after living and working in Vietnam for seven years: “Christmas here is somewhat different from my home country, as there aren’t as many people following Catholicism and Christianity. However, Christmas in Vietnam is always a vibrant and memorable festival. People come together to buy decorations, colorful ornaments, and beautiful ribbons to adorn their Christmas trees. Everyone is hands-on in wrapping the most sincere gifts for their loved ones. These ordinary things are touching, reminding me of warm family memories during Christmas.”

Christmas is the season of love, a time for people to share joy and bring about goodness. RT Holdings wishes all members a joyful, warm, and happiness-filled end of the year. May the best things come to your families. The Group hopes to continue receiving trust and companionship from everyone to celebrate many more peaceful and meaningful Christmas seasons under the common roof of RT Holdings, working together to achieve even greater goals.

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