21/04 2022

Birthday celebrations and work anniversaries with Indochina Group in March & April 2022

To build a firm foundation, and boldly push ahead to accomplish its sustainable development goals for the past 19 years, Indochina Group is always proud to stand side by side with its team of dedicated teachers, staff, and leaders.

Aside from achieving its business objectives, the Group is also always invested in developing people and the working environment, encouraging teachers and staff to confidently show their strengths, resulting in positive collaboration between different departments, and contributing to the creation of a physically and mentally healthy working environment.

One example of internal unity within the group is the fact that we always care for and love the significant anniversaries of all Group members. During the months of March and April, the Indochina Group would like to extend heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to all members with birthdays or other anniversaries throughout the Group. It is hoped that as the Indochina Group moves forward, its members will keep the spark of passion alive and will boldly assist the Group in spreading positive ideals to our students, and the rest of society.

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