30/06 2023

Birthday Celebrations and Work Anniversaries in April, May, and June

The success of RT Holdings comes from the extraordinary little things that each member has contributed. From vibrant classroom sessions to nutritious meals, from constantly moving carpools picking up students to decent and clean classrooms, all come from the devoted and responsible spirit of each member of RT Holdings. As a result, all brands of the Group completed the school year 2022 – 2023 with numerous outstanding achievements.

The Group would like to sincerely thank all members for sharing the ups and downs of the previous school year. Thank you for not giving up and continuing to strive for great goals. Thank you for always serving as an ambassador to RT Holdings’ love, wisdom, and bravery, not only for the past 20 years, but also for the long voyage ahead.
We’d like to extend warm birthday greetings to members born in April, May, and June. Furthermore, the Group would like to express heartfelt gratitude to the members who have completed their 5-year professional development journey with RT Holdings.
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