28/02 2022

Preparing for the journey of global integration with Penn Academy

Following the new EaaS (Education-as-a-Service) business strategies announcement in November 2021. IEDG has been carrying out a reform campaign with its establishments. One noteworthy event in the 1st quarter of 2022 is the official renaming of Indochina Foreign Language Center (TILS) to Penn Academy Foreign Language Center. At the same time, IEDG also launched a new brand identity for Penn Academy to better match its orientation and vision. The center’s new name along with the features of its new brand identity takes its inspiration from the state of Pennsylvania (USA), one of the potential international markets where IEDG is focused on promoting its investment in education.

In terms of design details, the new logo is fine-tuned using the golden ratio and a stylized design based on Penn Academy’s letters. The image will use a combination of the colors red, white, and blue, which are of course, commonly associated with the American Flag. At the same time, the new logo’s bold lines reflect IEDG’s commitment to growing the group’s brand in prominent worldwide education markets and developing high-quality foreign language training programs that adhere to international standards in general and US standards in particular.

Penn Academy is confident that the center’s new brand identity with its modern design will easily attract customers who are looking for the ideal language center to help them in honing their foreign language skills.

IEDG is anticipating this year to be a milestone in marking Penn Academy’s journey of growth and development being a prominent language center. In addition to its success in equipping students with international standard German and English language skills, the center also plans to open up high-quality Japanese and Korean language training courses with levels ranging from basic to advanced. Penn Academy maintains its commitment to opening up a variety of options for students and realizing its goal of becoming the leading center in Vietnam in enhancing foreign language strengths for future generations.

As a member of IEDG, Penn Academy is expected to be a place to provide a solid foundation for students who want to improve their foreign language skills, conquer international certificates (e.g. TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.), work at multinational companies, or study abroad and settle down. In the future, Penn Academy wishes to foster more collaboration and strong coordination with affiliated schools under the IEDG banner.

Teachers, parents, and learners can follow Penn Academy’s latest updates through this website address: https://pennacademy.edu.vn/en/home-page/.

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