28/03 2022

PennSchool has been granted as a Candidate for Accreditation with Cognia

We are delighted to inform you that PennSchool has been granted as a Candidate for Accreditation with Cognia – the largest educational accreditation organization in the United States. This is an important milestone, which affirms the school’s endeavors in ensuring the teaching scale, curriculum, faculty members, facilities, output quality, and policies to support students and help them to develop essential skills.

Cognia is the largest accrediting organization in the United States, owning three of the top six regional accrediting units in the United States, including The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), North of Central America (NCA), and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) which are approved by the Department of Education and Training. Cognia evaluates based on 34 rigorous standards, divided into three fields: the standard of Leadership Competency, the Standards of Learning Competency and the Standards of Resource Competence. Cognia’s eligibility also means PennSchool has become a member of the three organizations.

Becoming a Candidate for Accreditation with Cognia is the first step for PennSchool to have orientation in changing school activities including facilities, programs, and teaching methods in the next school year to achieve the goal of Cognia accreditation in 2023. From now on, PennSchool realizes educational goals; we educate the next generations as accomplished citizens with a spirit of service and intellectual curiosity, who persevere in their ideals and who are able to develop in different cultural environments, facing the challenges and uncertainties of the future with strength. At the same time, students are encouraged to focus on ethical values and standards through school activities that build character and civic responsibility in each students’ life in the PennSchool community which is rich in identity, safety and sharing.

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