01/05 2022

Penn Academy officially launches its Summer Course 2022 program

Along with the rapid growth of the IEDG’s numerous institutions, Penn Academy (formerly South Western Australia English Center and Indochina Language Center) is also making significant contributions to the overall development of the Indochina Group.

Penn Academy is on its way to becoming a model for comprehensive English education.

Penn Academy is continually increasing its quality and adapting to the current educational environment. While managing, running, and planning teaching programs, Penn Academy gets closer to its goal of becoming an international standard brand for foreign language training.

Penn Academy’s courses encompass a wide variety of subjects as part of an entirely foreign language training approach. It aims to deliver various American standard foreign language programs for a wide range of ages and to meet a wide range of educational demands. This includes Academic English, Experiential English, Study Abroad English, English for Children, English for vocational and business purposes, and many other international programs. The courses are built solely on the basis of the Pennsylvania program (USA). Penn Academy’s mission is to provide the next generation with a solid foreign language foundation, as well as the essential knowledge and capabilities so that they are always prepared for worldwide integration.

Penn Academy Summer Course 2022 officially launches

Indochina Group’s schools are hard at work planning exciting summer activities for each student, and Penn Academy is no exception. Summer Course 2022 is designed for all participants aged 3 to 16 years old. This is a golden age for developing awareness, training personalities, and equipping oneself with life skills.

The program is divided into three courses is designed for three different age groups:

  • Preschoolers of Technology Era (3 – 6 years old): Helps children in becoming acquainted with and using simple English descriptive words and sentences by seeing American landmarks, enjoying nature, and experiencing the culture and food there.

  • Child of Technology Era (6 – 12 years old): Opens an exciting adventure around the United States. It helps children discover the landscape, culture, and cuisine of the United States and facilitates them in honing their ability to use English with native speakers.

  • Teenagers of Technology Era (12 – 16 years old): Assists adolescents in learning to use the internet effectively, while expanding their English vocabulary in relation to technological themes, as well as having the opportunity to tour some of Vietnam’s leading technology companies.

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